Morphological observation and rbcL gene sequences studies of two new species, Grateloupia dalianensis H.W.Wang et D.Zhao, sp. nov. and G. yinggehaiensis H.W.Wang et R.X.Luan, sp. nov. (Halymeniaceae, Rhodophyta) from China
ZHAO Dan, WANG Hongwei, SHENG Yingwen, LÜ Jianzhou, LUAN Rixiao
2012(2): 109-120. doi: 10.1007/s13131-012-0197-9
Keywords: Halymeniaceae, Grateloupia, Grateloupia dalianensis, Grateloupia yinggehaiensis, morphology, rbcL gene
Study on short-range numerical forecasting of ocean current in the East China Sea-Ⅲ Three-dimensional baroclinic anomaly forecasting model and its application
Zhao Jinping, Shi Maochong, Li Shixin
1994(3): 311-324.
Keywords: The Bohai Sea, three-dimensional model, ocean current forecasting, anomaly velocity
Water mass of the northward throughflow in the Bering Strait in the summer of 2003
ZHAO Jinping, SHI Jiuxin, GAO Guoping, JIAO Yutian, ZHANG Hongxin
2006(2): 25-32.
Keywords: Bering Strait, water mass, Pacific water, Arctic Ocean, CHINARE2003
Study on short-range numerical forecasting of ocean current in the East China Sea——Ⅰ Basic problems of ocean current forecasting and structure of the models
Zhao Jinping, Chen Zhongyong, Shi Maochong
1993(3): 335-345.
Keywords: Current forecasting, ocean circulation, operational numerical forecasting, numerical model, the East China Sea
The fundamental characteristics of current in the Bering Strait and the Chukchi Sea from July to September 2003
LI Lei, DU Ling, ZHAO Jinping, ZUO Juncheng, LI Peiliang
2005(6): 1-11.
Keywords: tidal current, mean current, semi-monthly oscillation, near-inertial current, Bering Strait and Chukchi Sea
Distribution of Pacific-origin water in the region of the Chukchi Plateau in the Arctic Ocean in the summer of 2003
SHI Jiuxin, CAO Yong, ZHAO Jinping, GAO Guoping, JIAO Yutian, LI Shujiang
2005(6): 12-24.
Keywords: Alaska coastal water, Bering Sea water, water mass, Arctic Ocean
A double-halocline structure in the Canada Basin of the Arctic Ocean
SHI Jiuxin, ZHAO Jinping, LI Shujiang, CAO Yong, QU Ping
2005(6): 25-35.
Keywords: halocline, salinity, Pacific-origin water, Canada Basin, Arctic Ocean
Study on short-range numerical forecasting of ocean current in the East China Sea Ⅱ. Three-dimensional diagnostic model and its application in the Bohai Sea
Zhao Jinping, Shi Maochong
1994(2): 173-188.
Keywords: Diagnostic model, monthly averaged flow field, the Bohai Sea, circulation, three-dimensional characteristics
Practical implementation of Hilbert-Huang Transform algorithm
Huang Daji, Zhao Jinping, Su Jilan
2003(1): 1-14.
Keywords: Hilbert-Huang Transform(HHT), signal processing, Empirical Mode Decomposition(EMD)
Warming and depth convergence of the Arctic Intermediate Water in the Canada Basin during 1985-2006
LI Shujiang, ZHAO Jinping, SU Jie, CAO Yong
2012(4): 46-54. doi: 10.1007/s13131-012-0219-7
Keywords: Arctic Intermediate Water, Canada Basin, warming, interannual variation, convergence of AIW depth
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