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Residues and sources of HCHs and DDTs in the sediments of land-based sewage outlet to the Zhanjiang Bay, China
Lirong Zhao, Yuzhen Shi, Hui Zhao, Jibiao Zhang, Xingli Sun
doi: 10.1007/s13131-019-1432-4
Due to the large usage of DDT-containing antifouling paints and lindane in China, heavy residuals of DDTs and HCHs have been found in many fishing harbors, but there is lack of studies on this issue for the Zhanjiang Bay which is an important fishing harbor and mariculture zone in South China. To evaluate the pollution status and sources of HCHs and DDTs in the Zhanjiang Bay, the concentrations, spatial distributions and sources in the sediments of 11 land-based sewage outlets to the Zhanjiang Bay were investigated. Since the 1980s, HCHs residuals had obviously decreased in studied areas, but DDTs had little change, even abnormally high levels were found in some sites. The content percentages and diagnostic ratios of HCHs isomers and DDTs showed that the source of HCHs was derived from soils around the bay and recent input of lindane, and DDTs were from historical residues of technical DDTs and fresh input of DDT-containing antifouling paints on fishing ships. Based on sediment quality guidelines, DDTs would be of more concern for the ecotoxicological risk on marine environment and adverse effects on benthonic organisms. This study indicated that lindane and DDT-containing products may be still used in some places of Zhanjiang City. It should be urgent to control their usage and clean the DDTs-contaminated sites by the local government.
key words: Zhanjiang Bay, sediment, DDTs, HCHs

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