A method to predict typhoon waves
Yang Chuncheng, Dai Mingrui, Gao Zhihua, Cheng Zhan, Xu Fuxiang, Liu Yu, Li Fengjin, Li Jie, Su Dongfu, Zhang Dacuo, Xu Qichun
1995(2): 167-180.
Keywords: Typhoon wave, marine wind numerical model, sea wave numerical model, television vocational forecasts
Shenzhou-4 spaceborne altimeter waveform processing and significant wave height retrieval
JI Yonggang, ZHANG Jie, ZHANG Youguang, MENG Junmin
2006(3): 40-47.
Keywords: SZ-4 spaceborne altimeter, significant wave height, double peaks, waveform retracking, waveform fit
A quantitative striping removal algorithm for HY-1 CCD data
Sun Ling, Tang Junwu, Zhang Jie
2002(3): 355-371.
Keywords: Push-broom CCD camera, striping removal, image destriping
The formation and tectonic evolution of Philippine Sea Plate and KPR
FANG Yinxia, LI Jiabiao, LI Mingbi, DING Weiwei, ZHANG Jie
2011(4): 75-88. doi: 10.1007/s13131-011-0135-2
Keywords: Philippine Sea Plate, West Philippine Basin, KPR, submarine ridge
Detection of the Kuroshio frontal instable processes (KFIP) in the East China Sea using the MODIS images
JIA Yongjun, ZHANG Jie
2010(6): 35-43. doi: 10.1007/s13131-010-0074-3
Keywords: Kuroshio frontal instable processes, frequency and region of occurrence, East China Sea, MODIS
Influence analysis of gaseous absorption on “HY-1A” CZI data processing Simulation and correction for Rayleigh scattering
SUN Ling, ZHANG Jie, GUO Maohua
2008(6): 102-114.
Keywords: “HY-1A”CZI, gaseous absorption, transmittance, 6S
A new CFAR ship target detection method in SAR imagery
JI Yonggang, ZHANG Jie, MENG Junmin, ZHANG Xi
2010(1): 12-16. doi: 10.1007/s13131-010-0002-6
Keywords: ship target diction, SAR, CFAR
Distribution of large-scale detachment faults on mid-ocean ridges in relation to spreading rates
YU Zhiteng, LI Jiabiao, LIANG Yuyang, HAN Xiqiu, ZHANG Jie, ZHU Lei
2013, 32(12): 109-117. doi: 10.1007/s13131-013-0394-1
Keywords: detachment faults, oceanic core complex, spreading rates, distribution, tectonism, magma supply, hydrothermal vents
Underwater topography detection of Shuangzi Reefs with SAR images acquired in different time
YANG Jungang, ZHANG Jie, MENG Junmin
2007(1): 48-54.
Keywords: Shuangzi Reefs, underwater topography, SAR image, topography detection
A detection model of underwater topography with a series of SAR images acquired at different time
YANG Jungang, ZHANG Jie, MENG Junmin
2010(4): 28-37. doi: 10.1007/s13131-010-0054-7
Keywords: underwater topography, SAR image, Taiwan Shoal, tide and tidal current
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