Distribution of large-scale detachment faults on mid-ocean ridges in relation to spreading rates
YU Zhiteng, LI Jiabiao, LIANG Yuyang, HAN Xiqiu, ZHANG Jie, ZHU Lei
2013, 32(12): 109-117. doi: 10.1007/s13131-013-0394-1
Keywords: detachment faults, oceanic core complex, spreading rates, distribution, tectonism, magma supply, hydrothermal vents
The morphotectonics and its evolutionary dynamics of the central Southwest Indian Ridge (49° to 51°E)
LIANG Yuyang, LI Jiabiao, LI Shoujun, RUAN Aiguo, NI Jianyu, YU Zhiteng, ZHU Lei
2013, 32(12): 87-95. doi: 10.1007/s13131-013-0394-1
Keywords: ultra-slow spreading, multibeam bathymetry, morphotectonics, oceanic core complex, Southwest Indian Ridge