Bacterial and archaeal community structure of pan-Arctic Ocean sediments revealed by pyrosequencing
LIN Xuezheng, ZHANG Liang, LIU Yanguang, LI Yang
2017, 36(8): 146-152. doi: 10.1007/s13131-017-1030-2
Keywords: Arctic sediment, microbial community, diversity, pyrosequencing
Analysis on coral reefs mapping using SPOT5 data at the Dongsha Atoll
CHEN Jianyu, MAO Zhihua, ZHANG Huaguo, WU Junping, CHEN Xiaodong, PAN Delu
2007(2): 26-35.
Keywords: coral reef, Dongsha Atoll, SPOT5, Quickbird2
Distribution of molluscan remains in the sediment of the Chukchi Sea and its vicinity, the Arctic
Gao Aiguo, Xu Fengshan, Sun Haiqing, Li Lon
2003(4): 607-619.
Keywords: Chukchi Sea, Beaufort Sea, Bering Sea, molluscan remains
Performances of conventional fusion methods evaluated for inland water body observation using GF-1 image
DU Yong, ZHANG Xiaoyu, MAO Zhihua, CHEN Jianyu
2019, 38(1): 172-179. doi: 10.1007/s13131-019-1382-x
Keywords: GF-1 satellite image, fusion methods, fusion evaluation, inland water body
Arctic sea ice thickness changes in terms of sea ice age
BI Haibo, FU Min, SUN Ke, LIU Yilin, XU Xiuli, HUANG Haijun
2016, 35(10): 1-10. doi: 10.1007/s13131-016-0922-x
Keywords: sea ice, thickness, age, ICESat, PIOMAS
A simulation of radiation imagery for ocean color satellite
Pan Delu, Roland Doerffer, Mao Tianming, Li Shujing
1997(2): 171-191.
Keywords: Ocean color, satellite remote sensing, simulated radiation imagery
Derivation of sea surface current field from sequential satellite images of the East China Sea
Liu Qingge, Pan Delu, Pan Yuqiu, Lutz Bannehr, Guenter Warnecke
1998(4): 459-468.
Keywords: Sea surface current field, sequential satellite images, East China Sea
An operational satellite remote sensing system for ocean fishery
MAO Zhihua, ZHU Qiankun, PAN Delu
2004(3): 427-436.
Keywords: fishery oceanography charts, satellite remote sensing, sea surface temperature, temperature error control technology
Atmospheric correction for China's coastal water color remote sensing
Pan Delu, Mao Zhihua
2001(3): 343-354.
Keywords: Atmospheric correction, water-leaving radiance
Study on application potentiality of the first China's ocean satellite HY-1A
Pan Delu, He Xianqiang, Li Shujing, Gong Fang
2003(4): 503-510.
Keywords: Ocean satellite, availability, measurement accuracy, application potentiality
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