1994 Vol. 13, No. 4

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Preliminary study on the dynamic mechanism of the deep equatorial jets
Wu Dexing
1994, (4): 465-474.
Observations show that the deep equatorial circulation is surprisingly energetic,with alteroating eastward and westward soml currents (these flows are commonly referred to as the deep equatorial jetis) betwew 1 000 and 3 000 m.This paper shows that the waves generated by an off-equatorial deep buoyancy oscillation,and their energy radiation as well as the equatorial focus of waves energy are the viable dynamic mechanisms of forming the deep equatorial jets.
The results of testing the effects of vertical mixing coefficients on the jets show that as the coefficients increase,the jets become waster and their tonal coherent scales become longer.
The solatbns for different periada of forcing indicate that lengthening the period of forcing results in the position of the core of the deep jets to moving westward and also enhances the tonal coherent scales of the jets.
Numerical modelling of storm surges in the Beibu Gulf with SCM
Sun Wenxin, Luo Yiyong, Wang Jingyong
1994, (4): 475-483.
On the basis of 3-dimensional nonlinear hydrodynamical equations and by using the improved SCM the tides and storm surges induced by Typhoons 7109 and 8007 in the Beibu Gulf are simulated.In addition,the nonlinear interaction between the tide and storm surge in the gulf is discussed and some significant results are obtained.
A quasi-three-dimensional numerical prediction model of salinity structure in Bohai Sea and Huanghai Sea
Sun Weiyang, Wang Zongshan
1994, (4): 485-494.
The vertical salinity structure in the Hohai Sea and the Huanghai Sea have typical self-similar charotters.However.horizontal salinity distribution is influenced by advection,horizontal diffusion,river discharge,etc.By using observed sea salinity data,a similarity function of vertical salinity profiles of the Bohai Sea and the Huanghai Sea has been constructed.0a the basis of vertical integrated equations of motion and equation of continuity,and governing equations about the distribution of 3 characteristic factors (surface salinity Ss,bottom salinity SH,and thickness of upper homogeneous layer h),and combined with the similarity function,a quasi-threedimensional numerical model of salinity structure has been developed.In the model,the comprehensive effects of sea surface wind stress and heat influx.advection,diffusion,entramment,bottom as well as lateral eddy mixture are taken into consideration.It is shown that the numerical model is more practical and the results of the trial prediction are satisfactory.
On energy transport and group velocity of water waves
Sun Fu, Ding Pingxing, Yu Zhouwen
1994, (4): 495-500.
The major difference between the two concepts,"transport" and "propagation",of wave energy is expounded in both mathematical expression and basic idea,and the mechanism of energy transport and the meaning of group velocity for water waves are discussed in this paper.A number of important conclusions are given from the present discussion,which are favourable to clarifying some confusion or obscurity as such concepts as energy transport,propagation and group velocity are used in the study of water wave theory and its applications.
The cluster analysis of the water masses in western Taiwan Strait from hydrologic and chemical factors
Huang Ziqiang, Ji Weidong
1994, (4): 501-517.
On the basis of mixture theory of concentration of Helland-Hansen (Mao et al,1964; Helland-Hansen.1916).this paper takes salinity as a conservative factor is the process of dilution and mixture and selects by relative analysis the hydrological and chemical factors which are closely related to salinity.Then making use of the Q type mufti-dimensions cluster analysis,we get the results that the water masses in the western Taiwan Strait include the follwing,the coastal water along Fupan,Zhejiag and Guangdong Provinces,the diluted fresh water of Minjisag.Jiulong sad Hanpang Rivers,the nuxing water in the Taiwea Strait,upwelling cold/warm water to the northwest of the Taiwan Shoal end the upwelling water to the east of Guangdong.The mixing water in the Taiwan Strait during spring and summer is composed of a Kurashio branch,the surface water of the South China Sea.coastal water along Fujian,Zhejiang and Guaogdoog Provinces.While in autumn and winter,it is mixed up from Kuroshio branch,the shelf water is the Fast China Sea,and the coastal water along Fujian,Zhejiang and Guattgdong. There is an obvious seasonal change of growth and decline in these water masses.
REE distribution in water-sediment interface system at deep ocean floor
Zhang Lijie, Liu Jihua, Yao De
1994, (4): 519-526.
REE concentrations and distribution patterns in the different phases of water-sediment interface system at deep ocean floor were studied on the basis of samples of bottom water,sediments,interstitial water and polymetallic nodules collected from the East Pacific Basin by R/V Haiyaag 4 during HY4-871 and HY4-881 Cruises.It is suggested that RED concentrations in oxic interstitial water are lower than that in bottom water,REE contents of polymetallic nodules,except Ce,are similar to that of sediments.Bottom water,sediments and interstitial water are almost the same in REE distribution patterns.MREE enrichment relative to LREE and HREE and negative Ce anomalies,MREE enrichment has been found in polymetallic nodules,and Ce shows positive anomalies.REE contents in sediments increase with depth,and the variations of distribution patterns with depth have not been found.
About ocean lithodynamics
V. V. Longinov, R. D. Kos'yan
1994, (4): 527-533.
The term "lithodynamics" is suggested to denote processes of sediment transport due to exogenic factors and gravity,and also a branch of geosciences studying these processes.Integration of investigations,both of earth surface and of ocean,within one common branch of science is recommended.Basic notions end tasks of lithodynamics as applied to sediment transport processes are described.
Relationship between deep-sea fish distributions and oceanic conditions of the East China Sea
Shen Jin'ao
1994, (4): 535-550.
Based on the data collected from the exploratory trawl fishing and environmental surveys in the western deep sea of the East China Sea in 1980-1981.this paper shown the relationship between deepsea fish distributions and oceanic conditions.The bottom environment is chiefly controlled by the Kuroshio and its branches.Generally,the temperature and salinity are high in the northwest and loov in the southeast of the survey waters,though their seasonal variations are very small.The diversity and stability of oceanic conditions lead to the complexity of the fish species and their distributions,and the distribution features have a close relationship with the vertical structure of the Kuroshio.In the case of different depths near the bottom,not only most of the fish species distributions are different but also the fish resource densities vary considerably.The concentrated areas of major species,such as yellow-fin filefish (Navodan xanehopttras) and deep-sea smelt (Glossanndon semifasciata)etc.,spread in the upwelling waters from the Kuroahio with more abundant zooplankton.The new fishing ground of yellow-fin file fish has been exploited in recent years and other fishing grounds will be available there.
A new species of the genus Paramisophria (Copepoda, Calanoida,Arietellidae) from the China Seas
Lian Guangshan, Qian Honglin
1994, (4): 551-555.
Holotypic and Paratypec specimens (female) of the present new species,Paramisophrza sinica n.sp.were collected from the waters of the southeastern South Huanghai Sea and northern South China Sea,respectively.Compared with the previously known congeneric species,this new species remarkably differs from any one of them in some characters,such as in female; each side of posterolateral margin of last thoracic segment with two pointed processes; the genital segment asymmetrical and with fusion line clearly visible; leg 5:endopod with four plumose setae,exopod with three or four outer marginal and one terminal spines.
A comparative study on the contents of vitamins in the natural and the cultured prawn
Wang Anli, Wang Weina, Liu Cunqi, Wang Suo'an
1994, (4): 557-564.
A systematically comparative study on the contents of vitamins in the natural and the cultured prawn,Penaeus chineresis,was made by using High-efficiency Liquid Phase Chromatography in 1989.The results show that the vitamin C (Vc) content in the natural prawn was 8.19% higher than that of the cultured prawn.As the natural prawn's body length increasing,the Vc content in cephalothorax increased continuously,but after August 10,the Vccontent in the cultured prawn fell down rapidly.No significant differences in vitamin B1,B2, B6,nicotinic acid (NAc),nicotinamide (NAm) and folic acid (FAc) were found between the natural and the cultured prawn.Therefore,Vc probably is one of major factors limiting the growth and development of Chinese prawn.
Biochemical genetic structure and identification of hairtail fish (Trichiurus) populations in Chinese coastal waters
Wang Keling, Zhang Peijun, Liu Lanying, You Feng, Liu Jing, Xu Cheng, Wang Jianfei
1994, (4): 565-577.
A total of 472 isozyme samples and about 1 000 myogen,esterase and morphyological samples of nine spawning stocks were collected from coastal waters of Hainan,Guangdong,Fujian,Zhejiang,liangsu and Shandong Provinces of China during 1976-1992.Eleven isorymes were analysed by starch-gel and polyacrylamide-gel electrophoresis.Biochemical genetic structures of 11 isozymes were analysed and 24 loci were recorded.According to the allele frequencies of individual isozymes of each sampling stock,the mean proportion of polymorphic (P) and average heterorygosity (H) were calculatedi then the genetic similarity (I) and genetic distance (D) were obtained.The results of cluster for I and D of all the samplied stocks show that the hairtail fish from Chinese coastal waters should be classified into three different species (D:0.223-0.382) and eight populations (D:0.007~0.048).
Ultrastructure study of the diatom——Ⅱ. Synedra, Cyclophora, Plagiogramma, Opephora, Fragilaria and Pseudostaurosira
Liu Shicheng
1994, (4): 579-588.
Six genera and thirteen species of diatoms are collected from the intertidal zone of Xisha Islands,Hainan Province,and observated under the transmitted light microscopy (LM),transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM).of them,four new species,and one genus are newly recorded (marked).
They are: Synedra cyclophoroides sp.nov.,*Cyclophora tennis,Plagiogramma pava sp.nov.,Plagiogramma pandurata sp.nov.,P.atomus,P.reimeri,Opephora elliptica sp.nov.O.martyi,O. olsenii,O.sp.,*Fragilaria brevistriala v.elliptical,*F.construens and Pseudostaurosira brevistriata.
Analysis of the development and causes of formation of Eucampia zoodiacus red tide in Xiamen Harbor
Zhang Shuijin
1994, (4): 589-600.
The red tide event of 11-28,May in 1987 was caused by Eucampia zoodiacus,a coastal eurythermic phytoplankton.Results from the field monitoring indicated that during the red tide occurrence the optimal temperature and salinity for the multiplication of the red tide organism were 20-25℃ and 26-28.During the red tide event cell densities in two peak values both reached 3 000×103 ind./dm3.Organism number in horizonal distribution increased from the harbour mouth to the inner harbour.Average number of the organism at the monitoring stations in the inner harbour was 2 930×103 ind./dm3 which was 3.7 and 61 times higher than that at the two control monitoring stations.The organism number in vertical distribution apparently showed stepwise,day and night changes.Daily change of the phytoplankton number with spring and ebb tides exhibited a negative relativity.
Major reasons for this red tide event included species competition of red tide organisms,sudden increment in water temperature in short time,sharp decrement in salinity by rainfall,water eutrophication,high contents of stimulating materials such as Fe and Mn,poor water exchange condition and stable synoptic condition,etc.High content of dissolved oxygen and high pH value was resulted from the photosythesis of a great quantity of the red tide organisms.
Notes Light and electron microscopic study on Lymphocystis of cage cultured kelp bass, Epinethelus moara (Temminck et Schlegel)
Zhang Yongjia, Wu Zeyang, Zhu Liming, Cai Kangrong
1994, (4): 601-616.
The cause and mechanism of fluoride anomaly in krill
Zhang Haisheng, Pan Jianming, Cheng Xianhao, Liu Xiaoya
1994, (4): 613-616.