1998 Vol. 17, No. 3

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Interaction of the Kuroshio water and shelf waterin the Tsushima Current region in summer
Guo Binghuo, Heung-Jae Lie, Jae Hak Lee
1998, (3): 277-292.
The separation of the Kuroshio water in the northeastern East China Sea and its interaction with the shelf water are analysed on the basis of CTD data and the observations of 11 satellite-tracked surface drifters conducted by the R/V Onnuri of Korea Ocean Research & Development Institute during August 25-September 7, 1994 and then the formation process of the Tsushitna Current in summer is also dixussed.
Study of fine structure of temperature in the equatorial westernPacific Ocean with wavelet transform
Jiang Mingshun, Zhang Aijun
1998, (3): 293-304.
By using the wavelet transform (WT), we analysed part of the CTD data rnllected from the equatorial western Pacific Ocean, the results show that the temperature fine structure has selfsimilarity and may be described with fractel.The singularity exponents of temperature series and their probability distributions are also calculated.The probability distribution functions(pdfs) have nearly a universal form.The nonzero probability at negative exponents implies the posmible existence of sigular points in the temperature profiles.When computing the averaged period of the WT, we end that the mean period Δ of the WT of the temperature series has a power dependence on the transform Beak a.i.e.,Δ-αβ, with β≈1.This suggests that a simple dichomotous cascading mechanism may govern the fine-strueture dynamics.In addtion, since the amplitudes of the wavelet transform is related with the strength of the temperature fluctuations, the vertical distribution of fluctuation energy can be calculated by wavelet transform.Compared to the FFT spectrum, the WT spectrum is,smooth and is capable of giving more accurate spectral slopes.
A study of a new retrieval algorithm for measurement of oceanic windvectors field using satellite microwave scatterometer
Lin Mingsen, Sun Ying, Zheng Shuqing
1998, (3): 305-319.
The Seasat-A satellite scatterometer(SASS) demonstrated very successfully that scatterometers can make accurate synoptic measurements of surface wind vectors field over the ocean.The technology is based on the sensitivity of microwave radar back scatter to the ocean waves in centimeter scale created by the action of the surface wind.Moreover, the back scatter is anisotropic, therefore, wind speed and direction can be derived from radar measurements at two or snore different azimuths.Owing to the nonlinear nature of scatter model function and the existence of various noise sources in the measurements, the retrieval wind results consist of as many as four wind directions.A new algorithm is proposed to recover ocean wind field from the SASS normalized cross-section measurement in this paper.Comparison with those estimated from the SASS surface wind analysed by Peteherych et al.(1984) and other references show agreement largely in the wind direction and more exactly in the wind speed.
Remote sensing studies in the Haikou Bay Calculation of the deposition parameters
Wu Longye, Wu Yongsen, Sun Yuxing, Wang Zhenxian
1998, (3): 321-326.
By making use of the distinguishing features of repetitive imagery of the same area by sateVite remote sensing, a method of extracting water areas at different tidal levels from the images of bays at different times was adopted to establish a calculating model for tidal surface and a method of finding a sum by layers was used to establish a calculating model for the deposition parameter.Moreover, by making use of the calculating models for the deposition parameter and for tidal level, the deposition parameter for the sea area less than 0 m was calculated for the Haikou Bay at two different periods of time:during the period of 1965-1984 the total amount of deposits was 4.8×106 m3, and the sedimentation rate was 2.5×105 m3/a:during the period from 1984 to 1990, the total amount of deposits was -8.9×105 m3 and the sedimentation rate was -1.5×105 m3/a.
A study on seawater apparent heavy metalcomplexation capacity in the Haikou Bay
Chen Chunhua
1998, (3): 327-336.
Using semidifferential stripping technique combined with pre-equilibrium complexometric titration, the abnormal phenomena appeared in determining apparent complexation capacity (ACC) are discussed and the improved method for determining ACC is presented in the article.The accuracy of ACC measurement results is tested theoretitelly and experimentally.Based on determination of ACCCu, ACCPb and ACCCd, copper was selected for complexometric titration to determine ACC and the results are proved to be reasonable.ACCCu measured in the Haikou Bay surface water is in the range of 166.4-320.2 nmol/dm3, with the mean value of 240.9 nmol/dm3, the maximum value aramd domestic drainage outfall, and the values in other stations are comparatively homogenous.The condition formation constant is in the range of 3.46×107-4.76×108, and the mean value is 1.7×108.Based on the 1:1 comlexing model of copper-natural organic ligand and the toxic concentration limit to marine organisms, seawater self-purification capacity in the Haikou Bay is calculated to be 7.43 μg/dm3.
Carbon isotopic composition and flux of particulateorganic matter in the Changjing River
Cai Deling, Han Yibing
1998, (3): 337-342.
Abstract-Particulate organic carbon (POC) and its isotopic composition were measured monthly in the Changjiang River (at Sta.Datong) for a whole year.It shows that their seasonal distribution has an obvious change and is similar to that of the Huanghe River.The annual weighted mean of POC δ13C values of the Chanejiang River is almost the same as that of the Huanghe River.Based on the data of runoff and sediment load measured daily and POC concentration measured monthly the POC flux at Sta.Datong was estimated.The flux value at Datong may be considered approximately to be the POC flux of the Changjiang River discharging into the sea.The POC flux of the Changjiang River is slightly larger than that of the Huanghe River.
Study on the isozymes in two species of prawns
Li Taiwu, Su Xiurong, Zhang Jian, Yin Hongying, Xie Mingjie, Ning Shuxiang
1998, (3): 343-348.
This paper studies the activity and absolute content of six kinds of isozymes, such as lactate dehydrogenase, malate dehydrogenase, glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, glutamate dehydrogenase, isocitrate dehydrogenase, alcohol dehydrogenase in Penaeus chinensis and P.japonicas.And by comparing, this study approaches the mechanism of higher drought-endurance in P.japonicas.
Distribution of fouling bryozoans in thenorthern South China Sea
Yan Yan, Yan Wenxia, Dong Yu, Wang Huajie, Yan Tao, Liang Guanhe
1998, (3): 349-355.
This paper reports the species composition and distribution of fouling bryozoans in the northern South China Sea.34 species identified belong to 23 genera, 22 families of fouling bryozoa, of which most of 24 species on the buoys attached to concrete sinkers.The 13 species on platforms mainly included Schizoporella errata and Membranipora savartii.Depth distribution of species, larval settlement behaviour and larvae type of fouling bryozoa are discussed
Agglutinin activity in hemolymph of Chinese shrimp and induction effect of Vibrio
Luo Rixiang
1998, (3): 357-361.
Absttsct-Experiments showed the agglutinin activity in the hemolymph of both spring wild parents and autumn cultured individuals of the shrimp Penaeus chinensis Osbeck with the body length of 12-16 cm as all 32.The hemolymph of the above shrimps showed agglutinant reaction to all A-, B-, and O-type human erythrocytes, with the reaction titer equal to that of rabbit blood cells.However, the agglutinin activity level was enhanced after being induced by Vibro, which was 128 after 24 h of induction and reached the peak value 256 after 48 h of induction, then decreased graduaVy.
Wave motions around different submerged structures
Gao Xueping, Inouchi Kunimitsu, Kakinuma Tadao
1998, (3): 363-374.
Wave motions around different types of submerged structures are investigated by a numerical method, the boundary fitted coordinate method.The types of submerged structures include a submerged horizontal plate, submerged breakwaters (rectangular and trapezoidal) and a step-type structure (topography).Water level fluctuations, wave height distributions, velocity fields and wave energies around submerged structures are studied comprehensively.
Numerical model for solving Bousiinesq-type equations: comparison and validation
Zou Shili, Xu Benhe
1998, (3): 375-386.
In order to solve the Boussinesq-type equations developed by Zou[1997, Science in China, 27(5), 460-473], two finite methods were used:a predictor-corrector scheme and an ADI algorithm.The comparicons of the matterical results of the two methods were through a breakwater gap and the wave refraction over made for a variety of cases, including the wave diffraction the bathymetry with a deep channel.Comparisons were also made between the mathematical model results and those from physical model in order to validate the two methods.The differences in computational efficiency and accuracy of the two methods were discussed.
The irregular broken wave forces on vertical wall
Li Yucheng, Liu Dazhong, Qi Guiping, Su Xiaojun
1998, (3): 387-398.
A method fnr the calculation of total horizontal wave forces by irregular bmkm waves on vertical wall is developed, which is based on physical model test, dimensionless analysis and assessment of real construction.The method for the determination of pressure distribution of horiu}ntal forces on vertical wall as well as uplift forces on the bottom of the wall is also recommended.The results calculated by this method well accord with samples of real construction.
Numerical study of pollutant transport in the sea-bay with mild slope beach
Wang Zeliang, Tao Jianhua
1998, (3): 399-408.
Using the slot method, the moving boundary problem caused by the change of the tide water elevation is treated.A two dimensional advection-diffusion model with moving boundary is proposed, and the input pollutant is considered moving source to meet the water level variation.The model given in this paper has been used to simulate the pollutant transport in the Bohai Gulf, the computational results are in good agreement with the measured data.
Dissolved methane in water of the East China Sea
Zang Jiaye
1998, (3): 409-415.
Numerical method for wave height distribution within the artificial harbor with water depth of steep variation
Zhang Furan, Chen Hanbao
1998, (3): 417-421.