1994 Vol. 13, No. 3

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Study on short-range numerical forecasting of ocean current in the East China Sea-Ⅲ Three-dimensional baroclinic anomaly forecasting model and its application
Zhao Jinping, Shi Maochong, Li Shixin
1994, (3): 311-324.
A three-dimensional baroclinic numerical forecasting model for anomaly current field is developed for application in the Bohai Sea and the upper layer of the Huanghai Sea and the East China Sea.All the dynamical variables,including temperature and salinity,can be calculated predictively by using the model.The results of the numerical weather prediction are used as input fields.and various dynamic and thermodynamic boundary conditions are adopted.So,the model can be used as an operational numerical forecasting model for current fields.In this paper,the structure of the model is presented in detail,various tests for the performance of the model are made,and the dependence of the model on some parameters is discussed.The results of the numerical simulation using historical data and experimental forecasting tests are also presented.
A two-layers model for the summer circulation of the East China Sea
Liang Xiangsan, Su Jilan
1994, (3): 325-344.
A two-layers numerical model is developed to study the dynamical structures and the formation mechanisms of the summer shelf circulation and the Kuroshio system in the East China Sea(ECS).On the whole,the main features of this region are highly correlated and dynamically stable.The Kuroshio northeast of Taiwan Island always intrudes into the shelf,and manifests itself chiefly in the lower layer.The horizontal advection and bottom friction are the triggering mechanisms for this ageostrophic intrusion current,while the topographic beta-effect make it intensified towards the northern edge of Taiwan Island.After intruding into the shelf,most of the lowerlayer Kuroshio water turns anticyclonically,forming the outer branch of the lower-layer Taiwan Warm Current(TWC).Whether its inner partner can form depends upon the ratio of the upper-to the lower-layer speeds of the Kuroshio inflow,and the northward extending of the upper-layer strait warm water.The upper-layer TWC results from the Taiwan Strait inflow,and a part of it branches out in the open sea off Wenzhou.In this paper,we also point out that the cold-core water mass northeast of Taiwan Island is,in fact,the manifestation of the lower-layer intrusive loop,and the interaction between it and the upper-layer TWC leads to the formation of the well-known warm-core gyre.Besides,a preliminary study is also made on the frontal eddy north of Diaoyu Island.
A model of the formation and development of ocean shear wave
Qiao Fangli, Zhang Qinghua
1994, (3): 345-359.
From quasi-geostrophic vorticity equation,we simulate the formation of ocean shear wave in western boundary strong current area with the pseudospectral method,and idealize the initial velocity into hyperbolic tangent velocity profile,with the unsteady little perturbation developed by means of getting energy from mean motion.The change of isovorticity shows two vortexes merging or splitting between them.The evolving process of material lines reflects cold water's invading and warm water's turning,which is agreeable to satellite photograph.Vonlinear effect makes a new energy distribution in all kinds of motion scale.One important phenomenon is that Reynolds stress will change its sign when the perturbation amplitude is large enough.
Potential enstrophical diagnostic analyses on the mechanism of change of tropical cyclone intensity
Laing Biqi, He Caifu
1994, (3): 361-375.
It is indicated that the change of mean potential enstrophy within tropical cyclone(TC) corresponds to the change of TC intensity.A series of factors influencing the intensity change have been discussed by calculating budget of potential enstrophy in tangential wave-number domain in cylindric coordinates.The results indicate that the vertical distribution of mean diabatic heating is an important factor that influences the change of TC intensity through transformation mechanism of the Coriolis effect and cyclonic vorticity,especially in the sudden intensifying stage of TC.It is favourable to the intensification when the diabatic heating is largest in upper-middle troposphere,while TC weakens when this kind of role of heating become small or the heating is largest in lower troposphere.The role of the axisymmetric fields of TC is different from that of the non-axisymmetric fields.In addition,we have analysed some other factors that influence TC intensity.
Chemistry of marine resources-ⅩⅨ. The molecule design and synthesis of crow-link type alkyd resin and its enrichment behaviour for potassium ion in sea water
Sun Yushan, Feng Fei, Sun Hanzhang, Peng Qiqiang, Xia Zongfeng, Wang Wei
1994, (3): 377-388.
This paper first presents the molecule design and synthesis of crown-link type alkyd resin,and its enrichment behaviour for potassium ion in low concentration solution and sea water.On the basis of some theory concepts of Host-Guest chemistry developed in recent years,we have designed and synthesized a new polymer enrichment agent of crow-link resin for potassiumion,i.e.,polymacrocyclic ether bislactone of diethylene glycolpyromyllitic acid(briefly called crown-link type alkyd resin or PBL resin).The yield was about 97.4%,almost quantitatively.
Cerium anomaly and cerium thermodynamics in the sea water
Wang Yunliang, Zang Desen
1994, (3): 389-400.
Cerium anomaly in a marine carbonatite could be used as an indicator of redox condition in the paleosea-water.The bottom sea water of the Angola Basin and the Brazil Basin(South Atlantic Ocean) was anoxic during Cretaceous period.At about 58×106-54×106 a BP,the sea water of the South Atlantic Ocean became oxidized condition which was similar to that of the modern Atlantic Ocean.This paper presents a new cerium redox thermodynamic equation which could explain the long-standing problems,such as the different characteristics of the cerium anomalies in the sea water and river water and why there are positive cerium anomalies in the surface sea water.etc.
Investigation reveals that at 58×106-54×106a BP,the plates of Africa and South America were separated from each other thoroughly and the unified Atlantic Ocean took shape.We suggest that the Alpine and Himalayan movements were in synchronism.
Ecological characteristics of Ostracoda in the South Huanghai Sea and East China Sea
Chen Ruixiang, Lin Jinghong
1994, (3): 401-412.
This report is based on the monthly data obtained during the annual comprehensive survey in a wide area between 28°-34°N,120°30'-127°E from December 1977 to November 1978.The species diversity,quantitative distribution and seasonal patterns of Ostracoda and its relationship to the Taiwan Warm Current,Kuroshio Warm Current,Huanghai Sea cold water mass,Huanghai Sea Warm Current,Changjiang River runoff and coastal currents are discussed.
Ecological study on Ostracoda in the central South China Sea
Chen Ruixiang, Lin Jinhong
1994, (3): 413-423.
This paper discusses the quantitative variation,ecological groups,community characteristic,vertical distribution and the composition of Ostracoda in different water layers,with the emphasis on the analysis of relation between Ostracoda and water masses,and the impacts from hypersaline upwelling and local density circulations on this group of animal.
Effects of diesel oil on the polychaete Annelida in model benthic ecosystem
Tang Senming, Chen Xiaolin, Zhuang Dongfa, Wu Shengsan, Lin Yu, Cai Ziping, Zheng Fengwu
1994, (3): 425-431.
An experiment about the effect of diesel oil pollution on the model benthic ecosystem was conducted in the land-based tank at the 3rd Institute of Oceanography,State Oceanic Administration,in Xiamen,added with No.0 diesel oil at concentrations of 5,25,125,625 mg/dm3 in water of series sub-tanks for 16 h.The changes in polychaete community were studied in the period of two weeks with results that though all concentrations did not basically altered the population structure and composition,the total biomass decreased significantly and individuals tended to be smaller in size.The average weight of individual decreased with the increase of diesel pollutant stress.
Numerical simulation of sediment lifted by waves and transported by tidal currents
Cao Zude, Wang Guifen
1994, (3): 433-443.
The analysis of the seabed processes of a muddy coast has been described in this paper.On the basis of the basic differential equation of tidal current and sediment movement influenced by waves,a numerical simulation system for sediment lifted by waves and transported by tidal currents and seabed processes has been established by using MADI method,and applied to the sea area of Tianjin Port with good results.
The distribution of planktonic Ostracoda between the source of Kuroshio and west of Taiwan Strait
Chen Ruixiang, Lin Jinghong
1994, (3): 445-452.
An analysis of leading factors during Skeletonema costatum bloom occurring process in Shengshan sea area
Hong Junchao, Huang Xiuqing, Jiang Xiaoshan, Wang Guilan
1994, (3): 453-458.
Studies of cytopathology of red leg disease in Chinese shrimp, Penaeus chinensis
Wu Youlü, Lü Melling, Zheng Guoxing
1994, (3): 459-464.