1996 Vol. 15, No. 1

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Instability analysis of three-dimensional ocean shear waves
Qiao Fangli
1996, (1): 1-8.
Based on the continuously stratified quasi-geostrophic vorticity equation, the present paper analyses the instability of three-dimensional shear waves.The cause that most shear waves occur on the shelfside of strong currens near the west boundaries of the oceans is presented.The growth rate of small perturbations relies on the stratification charactern, and a maximum value of growth rate exists for certain stratification.
An analytical diagnostic model of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current
Qiao Fangli, Zhang Qinghua, He Wen
1996, (1): 9-17.
Based on a linear quasi-geostrophic vorticity equation, we have set up an analytical diagnostic mode for the Antarctic Circumpolar Current.The results, how that the balance among wind stress, ocean horizontal viscous stress and the p-effect is the basic balance of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, and the center velocity of the jet, coming from the Drake Passage, will decrease due to the ocean dynamic adjustment, and the width in the north-south direction will decrease gradually.The jet coming from the Drake Passage moves about 4° northward because of the inducement of winddriven currents.The clockwise vorticity appearing in the south-west comer corresponds to the Wedded Gyre.The characters of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current described by the model are congruous with observations basically.
On hydraulic falls of single-layer flow
Xu Zhaoting, Tian Jiwei, Lou Shunli, Samuel Shan pn Shen
1996, (1): 19-30.
Hydraulic falls of single-layer flow are determined theoretically in terms of a time-dependent averaged AfKdV equation (AfKdV equation) in phase coordinate.From the theory of the present paper it was known that difference of the asymptotic mean IeveLs upstream and downsream at the subcritical cutoff points is just equal to a subcritical value of the AfKdV equation-2X.An experiment is carried out to examine the theoretical results.From rnmparison between theoretical and experimental results, it was shown that they are in good agreement.At the same time, it should be pointed out that the theory of the present paper is agreement with the experimental and numerical results of Forties and can be employed to find the generating properties of the precursor solitons at near-resonance.
A three-dimensional ocean general circulation model for mesoscale eddies——Ⅰ. Meander simulation and linear growth rate
Wang Jia, Moto Ikeda
1996, (1): 31-50.
A three-dimensional, primitive-equation model, Blumberg's ECOMSI (Estuarine and Coastal Ocean Model with a Semi-Implicit scheme), is modified and applied to the simulation of the ocean mesoscale eddies and unstable bacoclinic waves across a density front in a channel.The model uses a semi-implicit scheme to remove the most stringent Courant-Friedriechs-Levy(CFL) constraint.We have modified this model by introducing a predictor-corrector scheme to remove the inertial instability due to the Euler forward scheme in time used in the ECOMSI.Instead, the neutral amplificanon of the eigenvalue is obtained for the inertial oscillation.Thus, the new version of the model (called the predictor-corrector or P-C version) is able to simulate the unstable baroclinic waves and ocean mesascale eddies in a very low viscos ty environment.Meanders of a current with some similarity to mesoscale features are well reproduced.The unstable baro clinic waves are examined for flat, positive (same sense as isopycnal tilt) and negative bottoms.The growth rates.with flat, gentle, medium, and steep slopes and with different wavelength (wave number) channels are di.9cusssed.A gentle positive slope significantly suppresses the meandering wave growth rate which slightly shifts to a lower wave number compared to the flat bottom.A gentle negative slope, however, favors the wave growth with the maximum shifting towards the higher wave number.When the negative slope becomes steeper, the growth rate significantly reduces correspondngly.
1996, (1): 54-58.
To focus on finite difference schemes of the Coriolis terms, we choose the linear momentum equations for a one-layer system without any horizontal variability.
Maximum entropy principle and statistical distribution of ocean wave heights
Wu Kejian, Sun Fu
1996, (1): 59-67.
Abstract-This paper concemg an application of a popular existing law, the maximum entropy principle, to the study of statistical distribution of the ocean wave heights.Under two proper premiases, a conclusion that the wave heights obey the Weibull distribution is drawn by making use of the maximum entropy principle.From this result, we hold that the intensic departures using the Rayleigh distribution to describe the realistic wave height must exist, and the Weibull distribution usually used as an empirical one has profound orgin in physics.The Uluhovskii's empirical wave heights distribution relying on water depth is also discussed briefly, and a possible physical explanation associated with the maximum entropy principle is carried out.
Atmospheric input of trace elements to the western Pacific Ocean and the Kuroshio ocean area
Qian Fenlan, Yu Hongjian, Lan Youchang, Chen Zhi, Zhou Mingyu, Farn Parungo, Wu Peiming
1996, (1): 69-84.
In November 1992 to February 1993 (IOP TOGA-COARE), many aerosol samples, rainwater samples and dry deposition samples were collected on the vessel Xiangyanghong No.5 in the ocean area of IOP (2°S, 155°E) The time variations of concentration of crustal elements, sea salt elements are not very large.The dry deposition fluxes of crustal elements are related to the sources of air flows.According to the aerosol samples collected in the western Pacific Ocean during eight cruises under the China-U.S.joint TOGA project from December 1985 to July 1990 and the aerowl dato collected in the Kurachio ocean area from 1987 to 1991 (China-Japan Kuroshio joint-investigation), seasonal average dry deposition fluxes of crustal elements, pollutant elements and sea-salt elements are calculated.It is found that the dry deposition fluxes of elements Fe, Co, Zn and Sb have their highest values in spring in the Kuroshio ocean area because of the influencing of Asian dust-storm.But in the western Pacific Ocean they reach the highest values in autumn.In the ocean area of IOP, the dry deposition ituxes are the smallest.
Study on the carbon flux in the South China Sea
Han Wuying, Lin Hongying, Cai Yanya
1996, (1): 85-92.
According to depth, the South China Sea can be divided into three boxes by pycnocline and sill.When sea water rises to Box Ⅰ, dissolved inorganic carbon in water can be changed into particulate organic carbon by the organisms assimilation.One part of the particulate carbon will be changed into dissolved inorganic carbon, other will fall down to Box Ⅱ.The similar process eeds in Box Ⅱ and Box Ⅲ and the unresolved particulate carbon in Box Ⅲ will setth into sediments, finally.
Morphogenetic studies on Uronychia uncinata(Protozoa, Ciliophora) during its asexual division
Song Weibo
1996, (1): 93-99.
Morphogenesis of cell division is investigated in Umnychia uncinata based on protargol impregnated specimans.The cortical morphogenetic events are similar to that known in other euplotids but exhibiting several characteristics:the oral primordium in proter being de novo developed in a subcortical pouch anterior to the parental AZM2;FC comer from anlage I-Ⅲ;allfrontoventral and transverse cirri in both proter and opisthe deriving from 5 cirral streaks;development of proter oral primordia causing partial replacement of old AZM1 caudal cirri coming from two DK anlagen.
An open cellular caisson breakwater
Li Yanbao, Zhang Xiaoming
1996, (1): 101-109.
An open cellular caisson breakwater is a new type composite breakwater whose upper structure is en open chamfered caissons without bottom.It has the advantages of rational and compact configuration, good stability end low stress on its foundation bed.It is especiaVy suitable for soft.The structural and hydraulic characteristics and the stability test results of this new type breakwater are presented in this paper.
On the features of the SST annual cycle and surface heat budget in the South China Sea
Wang Dongxiao, Zhou Faxiu, Li Yongping
1996, (1): 111-125.
Effects of light, temperature and nutrients on photosynthesis of Biddulphia regia
Li Wenquan, Zheng Airong, Wang Xian, Chen Qinghua
1996, (1): 127-131.
Survey on biological fouling and corrosion of vessels
Ma Shide, Li Yantao, Wu Peihui
1996, (1): 133-138.
The basic features of zooplankton in the western waters of Taiwan Strait
Cai Bingji, Lian fiuangshan, Lin Yuhui, Lin Mao, Dai Yanyu, Liu Jinghong, Chen Ruixiang
1996, (1): 139-144.